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Inline sticker search engine providing over 27k stickers. ? Contact: @wjclub ? News: @WJClubNews

What can do this bot?⚠️ Currently offline for maintenance ⚠️

? This bot is dead.

Due to various reasons, we are currently unable to keep this bot running properly.
As a result, it was disabled.

❔ Will it ever come back?
We can't tell yet. Maybe we find the time to revive it. But until then, please have a seek other alternatives.

❔ Why don't you delete it then?
a) To reduce the risk of scammers taking the name and misuse it
b) We might want to revive it in the future

❔ Can I have its username?
Probably not. But you could try to shoot us a message at @wjclub_support. But please be aware: You might have to wait up to a few months for a reply if we are busy.

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