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Avalon Game Bot. News channel: Support group:

What can do this bot?Play avalon with your friends. This game is based on the board game named "Resistance: Avalon" ( Invite this bot to your group and type /start to start playing.

News channel:
Support group:

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

start normal game
start chaos game
join the existing game
flee from the game
register yourself to next avalon game
force the game to start (majority vote)
request the game to stop (majority vote)
show vote message
display the game history in table format
display the current game history
description about this bot
how to play avalon for new players
set language
show group list
show high scores
show your statistics
show the group's statistics
show the global statistics
give support or feedback
give rating for this bot
Share this bot
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