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🤖 I delete all messages that contains non Latin characters. Remember to give me admin permissions!

What can do this bot?Add me in a group, give me admin permissions and I will delete all messages containing non Latin characters

Hi! Thanks for using this bot :)

This bot deletes all messages that contains non Latin characters, like Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Malaysian, Chinese, Korean, etc.

You just need to give the bot admin permissions and it will work automatically, it won't annoy you sending any more message in groups.
This bot also works in private, you can send him messages and it will answer if that message would be deleted or not.

The bot uses an encoder verifier based on ISO/IEC 8859-1 specification. You can check here about what this bot allows and what not.

There is also a /stats command to check bot usage.

Bot built in Java, using rubenlagus TelegramBots, vdurmont emoji-java and xetorthio jedis Redis client

For doubts contact me @iicc1

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