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I'll help create a quote from the message. Just reply to the message with /q or forward it to me.

What can do this bot?Noticed any funny or inspiring messages in your group chat that you'd like to immortalize? Simply forward them to me or type /q and I'll turn them into a sleek quote sticker that you can save and share with your friends. Whether it's for personal memories or professional use, the possibilities are endless. Try me out now! ?

I will help create a quote from a post.
Bot can work both in private messages and in groups.

⚙️ Available commands:
/q — make a quote from the message [reply to the message]

To create a quote from several messages, write as a parameter a number that will indicate how many messages should be in the quote.
In private messages, you can forward several messages to me at once and I will make a quote from them.

Available flags for the /q command:
hex code or color name: #cbafff or indigo — make a quote with color #cbafff
random —random quote color
reply or r — make a quote with saving answers
p or png — make a PNG quote
i or img — make a quote as a picture
rate — add a rating to a quote
m or media —include media
c or crop — crop media
s2.5 — picture quality is 2.5 times higher than standard (сan set any value)

Example of using flags:
/q 3 white rp
/q i red s3.2
/q r 2 #cbafff m
/q 5 rm

Only for administrators:
/qs ?? — saves a sticker/photo/document with a photo to a sticker pack of a group with emoji ?? (emoji can be any and any number) [reply to message]
/qd — remove the sticker from the sticker pack of group [in response to the message]
/qb — set emoji brand. Available: apple, google, twitter, joypixels, blob
/qcolor green — set the color of quotes green by default (hex code or color name)
/qemoji — change the emoji suffix for stickers
/qrate — enable/disable rating of quotes
/qgab 300 — set the chance of a random occurrence of a quote. Any number from one to infinity. The higher the number, the lower the chance of quotes appearing. By specifying 300, the chance of a message appearing will be approximately 1 time in 300 messages. To disable, set the value to 0

/qrand — random a quote with a positive rating of
/qtop — top group quotes

/help or /start — get this text

?? /lang — change the language
?? /lang — изменить язык

☕️ Buy coffee for developer:

??‍? Developer blog: @LyBlog

I'll help you to create a quote from a message.
For that just reply to a message with /q

⚙️ Available commands:

/help — get this text
/q #130f1c [in reply to a message] — creates a quote from a message with color#130f1c
/q 3 [in reply to a message] — creates a quote from the reply and down from it to 3 messages
/q r [in reply to a message] — creates a quote with reply
/q white r 3 [in reply to a message] — creates a quote with 3 messages with color white with reply

/qcolor green — make color green default

/qs 💜 [in reply to a message] [only for administrators] — saves a sticker/photo/document with a photo into a group sticker pack with 💜 emoji
/qd [in reply to a message] [only for administrators] — delete sticker from group sticker pack

❕ Additional information:

➖ Arguments order is not important
➖ The quote color must be a HEX code, for instance #ffffff, or you can specify it by name: white.
➖ For a random color, you can write random as color
➖ Any emoji for saving the sticker can be used.
➖ Emoji specification is not necessary.
➖ Initial command /qs must be executed by chat creator, before that writing to bot's direct messages.
➖ Bot can work both in a chat and in direct messages.
➖ In order to add bot to your group, click the button below.

👨🏻‍💻 Developer's blog: @LyBlog

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