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What can do this bot?Anime bot
Don't spam please

For support: @hanabi_support
For updates: @hanabi_updates

I'm Hanabi Yasuraoka bot and I can help you get info on Animes, Mangas, Characters, Airings, Schedules, Watch Orders of Animes, etc.

For more info send /help in here.If you wish to use me in a group start me by /start@hanabi_anibot command after adding me in the group.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Get interactive and detailed help on bot cmds
Ping the bot to check if it's online
To start bot
Fetches info on single most related anime
Fetches info on animes related to query
Fetches info on characters related to query
Fetches info on mangas related to query
Fetches info on airing data for anime
Fetches anilist info of an authorised user
Fetches anilist info of user as per query
Fetches scheduled animes
Authorize Anilist account
removes authorization
To toggle nsfw lock and airing notifications in groups
to retrieve top animes for a genre or tag
Reverse search powered by tracemoepy
Fetches watch order for anime series
contact bot owner or main support grp
Get Anilist recent activity
Get Anilist recent activity
To get list of anime fillers
Get Anilist favourites
Get info about popular, trending or upcoming animes
Share this bot
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