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If I have to many users try @blackwwrobot. It's me but twice

Hi there! I'm @blackwerewolfbot, and I moderate games of Werewolf.
Join the main group @werewufforigin, or to find a group to play in, you can use /grouplist.
For role information, use /rolelist.
If you want to set your default language, use /setlang.
Be sure to stop by Werewolf Support for any questions, and subscribe to @blackwolfannouncements for updates from the developer.
More infomation can be found here!

/rolelist (don't forget to /setlang first!)
Telegram Werewolf Support Group
Blackwerewolf Announcements

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Start a game
Start a chaos game
Start a foolish game
Start a mighty game
Start a classic game
Start a cult game
view players list
See your achievements
See missing achievements
next game
force start
extend the running time
check the number of groups
check response time
Find some groups to play in
Get stats from the website
Leave a game
Set the group look
Start romantic game ;)
Smite a player
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