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The bot Mafia Game Master will help you play Mafia online and manage all the process of the game. Add a bot to the Telegram group and try with your friends!

Beta 0.1
Add this bot to your chat to play the popular game "Mafia".

What can do this bot?Add this bot to your chat to play the popular game "Mafia". From 3 to 8 players can participiate in the game.
All users who wish to play the game need to type /ready command. Type /go when you are ready to play. This bot will guide you and will give you some instructions to play.
Please, vote and leave your comments here
Source code is open now:

Теперь я смогу отправлять Вам сообщения.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

start the bot
participiate in the game
leave the game
start the game
abort the game
start voting now (available in public chat at day time)
look up game modes (actual mode will be chosen automatically up on players amount)
see game status
send feedback to developers (anonymously)
change language
see help
Share this bot
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