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Top chat bots to discover movies and TV shows

Top chat bots to discover movies and TV shows

ЯomLΣN's Bot🤖, Popcorn Time Bot, Киноман: фильмы и сериалы ?, Movies Tracker Bot

ЯomLΣN's Bot🤖 Popcorn Time Bot

Find movies info by the name from databases, subscribe to the new episodes of your favorite TV shows on popular platforms. Discover and search the video of what you wanted to watch right in the messenger.

Movies bots and TV shows

ЯomLΣN's Bot🤖

I can send you movies, apps, music, series or games. Just choose. Also join @TechByte

Popcorn Time Bot

Киноман: фильмы и сериалы ?

? Выбирай себе хорошее кино на вечер (со ссылками на онлайн)
? Следи за афишей и грядущими премьерами
? Находи кинотеатры поблизости к себе, просто скинув локацию
? Будь в курсе последних новинок в сети, а также последних озвученных сериалов от всех студий. Всех, Карл!
? Играй в игру "Угадай кино" и "Правда или Ложь"
? И многое другое!

Movies Tracker Bot

Movies Tracker Bot (powered by @S4Dynamics).
This bot will provide you information about the film directly from IMDB.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots is a simly chats in your messenger where you can get the assistance or access to information quickly and efficiently.

How to use bots?

Update to the latest version of your messenger or open web-version.

  1. Click on the chatbot's button Open on this page
  2. Allow browser to open Telegram
  3. Start conversation and follow the chatbot's tips

Or you can simply copy chatbot's username and search its name in your messenger app.

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