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Best online assistants that can help to note taking online and create notes on the fly

Best online assistants that can help to note taking online and create notes on the fly

TodoNoteBot, Notes, PrivateBOXbot, Wonder

TodoNoteBot Notes Wonder

For starters who try be organized, the bots below could work like popular note-taking services but make it instantly on the go! If texting is one of your daily habits, then try a chat assistant to store your notes and it's can be more useful then chatting or sending email to yourself.

Photo and video bots


Plain text Todo and Note bot. Sorting, importance, lists, search and #hashtags supported


This bot helps you to collect your notes in categories. Creating and store your notes in categories are so simple. Notes can be with notification. Also bot can work with photos, video and files.


Name: @mindkeeperbot

✔ Multi-lingual Conversation

✔ Supports commands


See an example of chat with this bot, list of supported Commands, related chatbots and discover the best bots for news, games, music, productivity, movies and more on BotoStore.


What is a chatbot?

Chatbots is a simly chats in your messenger where you can get the assistance or access to information quickly and efficiently.

How to use bots?

Update to the latest version of your messenger or open web-version.

  1. Click on the chatbot's button Open on this page
  2. Allow browser to open Telegram
  3. Start conversation and follow the chatbot's tips

Or you can simply copy chatbot's username and search its name in your messenger app.

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