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Top assistants to stay connected with your community and get likes and comments from followers

Top assistants to stay connected with your community and get likes and comments from followers

LikeBot, Like and Comment, DiscussBot, Comments Bot, Master PollBot (OFF)

LikeBot DiscussBot

Why is communication important in an online community? This is the only way to know and grow your audience by receiving their feedback. Make your channel or group more popular with these bots that will automatically help you with this.

Telegram channel functionality is quite limited. There are no comments for every post, no likes or dislikes buttons no way to schedule a post. Thankfully, there are some very useful Telegram bots that can extend the basic functionality of the channel and engage the community members.

Bots for likes and feedback from channel members


The bot LikeBot allows to create posts with like button and get reactions from channel members. Search "@like" in Telegram, after that add it to try its features.


Name: @like

✔ Supports commands

✔ Inline Mode

Like and Comment

The bot Like and Comment allows automatically add Like button and Comment button under every post you made in the channel or group. Search "@LikeComBot" in Telegram and add to your community chat!


Add this bot to your channel to get comment buttons under new posts.

The buttons will open a page with comments and log you in. The bot will notify you when someone replies to your comment.

See this channel for example:

This bot was created to demonstrate Telegram's new seamless authorization for websites. If you are a developer, see the details here:

Comments Bot

See an example of chat with this bot, list of supported Commands, related chatbots and discover the best bots for news, games, music, productivity, movies and more on BotoStore.

Master PollBot (OFF)

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What is a chatbot?

Chatbots is a simly chats in your messenger where you can get the assistance or access to information quickly and efficiently.

How to use bots?

Update to the latest version of your messenger or open web-version.

  1. Click on the chatbot's button Open on this page
  2. Allow browser to open Telegram
  3. Start conversation and follow the chatbot's tips

Or you can simply copy chatbot's username and search its name in your messenger app.

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