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Fun bots to play with friends in group & work chats

Fun bots to play with friends in group & work chats

Quizarium, BlackJack robot, Throw-in Durak game, Sublime Bot

BlackJack robot Throw-in Durak game

In case you have a group chat for fun with friends, family or co-workers, these bots will come and make your day! Add one of these bots to start a game like Trivia, BlackJack or other fun stuff.

Messenger games


I'm Quizarium bot and I play Quizarium, a fast paced and addictive trivia-like game. Just add me to a group chat and start brainstorming with friends!

Talk with me in private chat for help and guidance (hit Start)!

BlackJack robot

BlackJack 6-decks. Play with bot or your friends!


Name: @bjrobot

✔ Multi-lingual Conversation

✔ Supports commands

✔ Inline Mode

Throw-in Durak game

Play one of the most popular card games - the "throw-in" Durak! Play against a bot or other users online. Your friends can also make you a company. You can play "throw-in" durak for fun and see how lucky you can be.

Press /start to begin the game.

Sublime Bot

See an example of chat with this bot, list of supported Commands, related chatbots and discover the best bots for news, games, music, productivity, movies and more on BotoStore.


Name: @SublimeBot

✔ Supports commands

✔ Inline Mode

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots is a simly chats in your messenger where you can get the assistance or access to information quickly and efficiently.

How to use bots?

Update to the latest version of your messenger or open web-version.

  1. Click on the chatbot's button Open on this page
  2. Allow browser to open Telegram
  3. Start conversation and follow the chatbot's tips

Or you can simply copy chatbot's username and search its name in your messenger app.

Telegram Messenger

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