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Powerful bot to convert files to link and search for telegram content use /start to know more By : @logicSpine

What can do this bot?A powerful bot to get movies in private : To use this bot you first need to join our official channel @maiis after that you will be able to find movies and get news of anime and other too click on start to know more

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You need to first join @maiis to use this bot

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

This command will help you to get current detials and status about bot if its working or not
This command will provides you suggestion of the best movies currently is in a perticular gener, Use this command and select your movie or series and gener and it will siggest you top 50 movies
This command will list top 20 movies current is in the world
This command will help you to get the latest news ( Anime, Movies both )
After replying to the media you can use this command to convert the media to zerotwo link, You can also add file name as an arg to change the file name while downloading the file e.g reply to media /getlink new name
Same as getlink command but it have getfile button on download page which will allow use to get files too if then want telegram file
This command helps you to send direct message to admin related to some query you have to pass your message as arg like /feedback help
This command will help you to merge 2 or more then 2 links together ( May not work properly sometime ), You have to pass link to merge and name of the current replying file like : reply to media /merge link name
This command will help you to convert zerotwo's link to earning link or streaam link checkout streaam
Use to search for documents
Get the posters from ott
This command will help you to make your url short using tinyurl
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