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xyzTipBot allows telegram users to tip each other KLAY or XYZ using Telegram commands

What can do this bot?Tip Bot for Telegram
XYZTipBot allows telegram users to send/tip each other KLAY or XYZ using Telegram commands.
Whenever you first receive XYZ/KLAY or when you first talk to the bot bot will create Klay wallet for you.
With private key, you can control your wallet out site bot.
*Developed by* Hiro (@hirodeveloper)
Come @blocknationxyz to get Genesis Pack (1.000 XYZ) for free.
Come and visit https://Blocknation.XYZ to using XYZ to buy land, buy name, building your land ...

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πŸ€– @xyzSeedBot help tip XYZ, KLAY, KUSD or more KTC20 on Klaytn BlockChain for any telegram user.
❓ How to tip:
Reply someone message to tip with struct:
πŸ˜€ Example:
Bob help Alice solve her problem, Alice want to tip Bob, then she reply Bob's answer on Group with this struct
/tip 100 KLAY Thank your help
Then, Bob can get 100 KLAY πŸ€‘
🀝 Let's help, share and earn πŸ€‘

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Tip to user. Example, reply some message with: /tip 100 XYZ
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