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Award Telegram users in your groups or tokenize channel posts by VIZ Blockchain. Read more:

What can do this bot?Award Telegram users in your groups or tokenize channel posts by VIZ Blockchain. Read more:

Greetings, Stranger!
Hold my coinmarketcap, need to check account for you!
Your Telegram ID: 954330817
Telegram user balance: 0.000000 VIZ SHARES, energy: 100%

Bonus: 9.261488 VIZ SHARES (cannot be unstacked)

Available commands:
/info — show current balance and energy
/transfer telegram_id 0.000000 — VIZ SHARES can be transfered inside @viz_social_bot (using energy)
/create_invite 0.000 — VIZ SHARES can be converted to VIZ invite-code (using energy) (if amount not provided, using all balance)
/withdraw viz_login 0.000000 memo — add VIZ SHARES to withdraw queue (shares will be locked for transfer)
/reg viz_login — spend all VIZ SHARES to create viz_login account (shares will be locked for transfer)
/assign viz_login regular_key_wif — assign VIZ account for use in-chain awards (also activate auto-withdraw)
/energy_step 1.25% — assign percent for each award symbol (works only with assigned VIZ account, minimum 0.01%, maximum 10.00%)
/retract — retract VIZ account credentials

Any group admin can invite this bot (@viz_social_bot) and use it for awards.
Users in the group can reply to other messages and type + or 👍 on the beginning of the message.
Each + or 👍 use 1% energy (maximum 5% per one message).
Energy regeneration follow VIZ Blockchain rules (100% in 5 days).
— You can lookup chat stats, just send viz stats and bot reply statistics with TOP-20 persons, who got awards in chat
— You can make airdrop (mass-award), just send viz airdrop 10% and bot will spend your energy splitted between active chat users
— You can make airdrop within activity time range, just send viz airdrop 10% 1d for 1 day activity range (bot understand d=days, h=hours, m=minutes)
— You can make deposit from VIZ Blockchain to your VIZ telegram account. Just transfer VIZ tokens to VIZ account viz-social-bot with memo telegram:954330817 (VIZ tokens will be converted into VIZ SHARES and locked up for 28 days for prevent energy leak abuse)
Use energy carefull ;)

NEW! Any channel owner can add this bot (@viz_social_bot) as admin and collect awards from users.
Bot upgrade standart posts and apply inline keyboard with award button, collected awards caption and report button (dislike).
/check_channel @channel_name — check channel to find creator id, reassign to new owner

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