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Utils Bot

What can do this bot?Utils Bot helps you to do some routine programming actions

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

capitalizes every word in text
base64 encoding (e.g. /base64 hello world)
base64 decoding
converts color from hex to RGB, /color #ffffffff
converts timestamp to date in GMT, you can specify format: e.g. /date 1 HH:mm yyyy
creates gist on GitHub, specify filetype and content, e.g.: /gist json {"key" : "value"}
supports md5/sha/sha256/sha384/sha512 hashing, e.g.: /hash sha512 your string here
HTML escape
reverts HTML escape
check JSON validity, e.g. /jsoncheck {}
random text, specify number of words (default is 200)
returns argument in lowercase
converts integers between different bases, e.g. /num ABCD 16 10
random integer, specify max value if you need
returns random alphanumeric string, specify length and charset: /randstr 5 abcdef1234!@#$
unsubscribes you
current UNIX timestamp
returns argument in uppercase
url encoding
url decoding
generates random UUID
send me your feedback, e.g.: /feedback nice one!
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