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A utility bot which can get song URLs form different streaming services, shorten a URL, or make you laugh with a joke.

What can do this bot?This is a multifunctional bot which can help you do multiple things like getting song URLs form different streaming services, shortening a URL, or making you laugh with a joke.

Hola New User! Looks like this is our first meet. Send /help to know my secrets.

Following are the commands and usages for the bot.

1. Convert songs form one streaming service to others
Just use the command /song along with the URL of the song and receive links of the same song on other services.
For e.g. /song

2. Get random jokes
Send /joke and follow the onscreen instructions to receive the jokes.

3. Shorten a URL
Use the command /short and send the URL you wish to shorten and receive a short URL instantly.For e.g. /short

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Supply any song URL along with this command to get links of same song on other music services.
Supply any URL along with the command to create a short URL.
Use this command to indulge in some hilarious jokes.
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