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Remotely uploads files to Telegram.

Channel: @BotXUpdates
Group: @BotXSupport

What can do this bot?Remotely upload files to Telegram with many features 🔥

• URL upload
• Rename files
• Convert to video
• Convert to document
• Custom thumbnail

Disclaimer: This bot just helps to upload and process files remotely.

Hi New User!

I'm URL Uploader X bot. Just send me any Direct download link and I'll upload file remotely to Telegram.

Don't forget to check /settings before uploading file.

📖 Help

Following are the commands and its description:

/fast - download slow links
/plan - check plans
/rename - rename telegram files
/convert2file - upload as document
/convert2video - upload as video
/settings - change bot settings
/set_caption - set default caption
/set_thumb - set default thumbnail
/delete_thumb - delete default thumbnail

📊 For more details press FAQ button and don't forget to check bot settings.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

⏳ Current plan
⚙️ Upload settings
✏️ Rename telegram file
📁 Upload as document
🎦 Upload as video
📝 Set default caption
🚀 Fast URL downloader
🏞 Set default thumbnail
🗑 Delete default thumbnail
📄 Get help
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