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A cool group security bot loader that moderates your group!

What can do this bot?Welcome to TelegramSecurityLoaderBot, devoted to your chat security. You may request an admin of TSL to investigate any matter in your group by using the commands.

This bot is in development.Please report any bugs to me😄

A Telegram Group security loader that lets the group users call for TSLBot Admins to join the group with admin and handle a matter for example: Hackers,spammers,etc.

Our Website

Start by using /howtouse

Use /off to pause your subscription.

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Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Send your group link which you need help and we will come.
requests backup
Teaches you how to use TSLBOT
Tell us what feedback you have for us
Gives you our contact details if you want to contact us!
Submit a help ticket!
shows all fanart TSLBOT has received
Displays commands
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