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TrIDBot identify files from their contents!

What can do this bot?TrIDBot can identify files from their contents. Got a file you don't know how to open/view? Just send it to TrIDBot to get a list of his best guesses about what it is!

Welcome to TrIDBot!

Just send a file to have it identified!
TrIDBot will display a list of his best guesses about the filetype, from the less probable to the best candidate, along with some additional info like Mime types, notes & reference URLs, if available.
- No track is kept about who submitted what
- No responsability of any kind is taken about the contents of the submitted files
- Sent files could be analyzed for extracting patterns and improving the filetypes database
- Just to be sure, don't submit files containing confidential or reserved information!

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Version informations and supported filetypes
Basic help for the bot
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