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Service Transcriber Bot is used to convert image to text and translate voice messages to text in a group or personally with the bot. Search "@transcriber_bot" in Telegram, start the chat and try!

This bot transcribes voice messages and pictures into text. @Transcriber_botNewsChannel & @transcribersupport_bot

What can do this bot?This bot transcribes audio and images into text.
20+ languages are supported for voice messages and almost any language is supported for Images.

Add me to a group or forward voice messages and pictures to me and get them transcribed!

For news and info see @Transcriber_botNewsChannel

This bot transcribes audio and pictures into text. Add it to a group or forward audio messages and pictures to it.
Note: Within groups, the bot will respond to commands by non-anonymous admins only

Choose a language (for voice messages):

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If you have any trouble, or want to get in touch with the developers, contact @transcribersupport_bot

If you like this bot, you can /donate. This will help us maintain the service and keep on improving it. Thank you!

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A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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