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This bot helps you get tradingview alerts

🤖Trading View To Bot🤖

Get your tradingview alerts sent to anywhere you want. You can request your platforms from the website

📦Current Available Configurations📦

✅ Telegram >>
✅ MetaTrader 4 >>
✅ MetaTrader 5 >>
✅ Bitmex >>
✅ Binance >>
✅ IQ Option >>

🛂Available commands🛂
/start or /help or /about to view this message
/chatid to get the id of this chat

⌚ -- Suggestions -- ⌚
Please message me for any suggestions

📲 Contact 📲
🌐 Me Person:
🌐 Me Bot:
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🗳 Me Telegram:

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Get the the id of this particular chat
Display what this bot can do and any relevant information
Share this bot
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