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T-Kütüphane × Kitap ve Makale Ara

Bir Nexus klonu | @MagentaFox tarafından

Hi! I'm Nexus bot!
I can search books or scientific articles by titles, authors, DOIs, their contents etc.

Just type your request in plain words.

- Divine Comedy Dante
- Filter by item type: ? JavaScript
- Exact match: "Fetal Hemoglobin"
- Filter languages: +JavaScript ??
- Filter format: +JavaScript format:+epub
- For ordering by date, add order_by:date to your query
- Search by specific field in the database: authors:London, pub:"Elsevier BV", ser:"Medieval Media Cultures"

List of fields:
abstract, authors, concepts, content, doi, ev(event), extra (see below), isbns, issued_at (in Unixtime), issns,
pub(publisher), ser(series), tags, title

Extra field
Contains out-of-scheme fields, for example - ISO/BS standard numbers that can be used in the following way: extra:"iso iec 10279 1991"

Item types
- book - ?
- book-chapter - ?
- chapter - ?
- dataset - ?
- component - ?
- dissertation - ?‍?
- edited-book - ?
- journal-article - ?
- monograph - ?
- peer-review - ?
- proceedings - ?
- proceedings-article - ?
- reference-book - ?
- report - ?
- standard - ?
- wiki - ?

Extended syntax
+ sign makes words or filtration by field mandatory:
- +JavaScript language:en returns all JavaScript books but books in English will be ranked higher
- +JavaScript language:+en returns JavaScript books only in English
- title://(nuclear|atomic)// title://energ.*// returns documents about nuclear/atomic energy/energetics

- sign removes documents with the word
- fetal -hemoglobin returns all articles about fetal whatever but not hemoglobin

I can help to navigate through references and journals. There are multiple links and buttons
on view screen:

- Tags are clickable. Tap them. Particular versions of Telegram requires to tap appeared button Start after the tap on links.
- ? button opens articles from the same journal
- ? button opens articles referring the currently opened one

/aboutus - tell about us
/help - show this help
/howtohelp - learn how to help us
/riot - clone this bot
/roll - get a random book
/seed - learn how to become a seeder
/trends - plot trends graph

What are you going to read today?

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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