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Распознавалка текста Tesseract

Распознавалка текста Tesseract

Распознавалка извлекает текст из фотографии. Recognizer extracts text from photo.

What can do this bot?Распознавалка извлекает текст из фотографии.
Присылай мне фото и пользуйся бесплатно.

Recognizer extracts text from photo.
Just send me a photo and use it for free.

▪️ Images should be sent as photos.
▪️ It is recommended to use built-in telegram image processing tools such as rotation and cropping to improve recognition quality.
▪️ The image should contains clearly recognized text.
▪️ If the required language is not present in the proposed dialog, then it can be choosen by the text message with the uploaded image.
▪️ It is possible to use a combination of several languages for recognition. In order to do this you have to join them using the + sign, for example: eng+rus.

List of supported commands:
/about more details about bot;
/help help information;
/lang full list of supported languages.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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