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Bot provides a kind of ftp-like file system. Group: Tips:

What can do this bot?Bot can keep your files in order.
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No content here yet. You can store some files here or create subfolders.
Help context anywhere: /help

Root folder
You are in the root folder of the TeleFS.

Bot allows to create, edit and delete folders and files just like you do it on your home PC, only hierarchy is available immediately via all your devices with your telegram account.
Physically files are in the telegram's cloud and its real content is unaccessible to neither bot nor somebody else, untill you decide to share it.
Bot follows 'one window' policy, that means, that any time you see single message from it where content depends on your mode and performed commands; e.g. if you searched for something then you see search results, if you changed a folder - you see folder's content in same message and so on.

Regardless of modes and actions, four actions are available to you at any given time:
1. files upload bot's main goal is to keep access to your folders and files according to your structure. Any time you can extend your collection just simple send any number of files, all of it will be stored in a current folder, where you are while send it.. No special command or action is required, just send files to bot and thats it. Be aware, simple 'documents' are saved with original filenames, but its not so for media files - unfortunately, telegram loses its filenames, so bot have to construct it from the file's types.
Hint: if you will apply a comment while sending a file, then bot will use it as filename

2. '/reset' command - reset bot's state if it is unconscious and takes you here, to the root folder.

3. '/help' - context help, reflects on your actions and current position. If you're missed and dont know what to do - use this command.

4. search by filename - you can start search anywhere at full hierarchy depth from where you are, just send a query text. The search is always case-insensitive and for any part of the name

These buttons are available at the root folder:
🏷 - make a note. you will have to type a note's text after click
📁 - make a subfolder. you will have to type a new subfolder's name after click
⚙ - go to the 'notes manage mode'. you will be able to manage existed notes in the root folder

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

поиск по названию
Пересоздать файловую структуру
контекстная помощь
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