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Sends you event.message.stringify() received from your message.

What can do this bot?This bot returns event.message.stringify() using Telethon by @LonamiWebs.

StringifyBot written by @QwertySpace

chat: User:
access_hash: -2966477422668548742
first_name: 'New User'
chat_id: 1184501782
date: 2020-05-24 18:17:45
- MessageEntityBotCommand:
length: 6
offset: 0
from_id: 1184501782
id: 2457
input_chat: InputPeerUser: user_id: 1184501782
input_sender: InputPeerUser: user_id: 1184501782
is_private: True
message: '/start'
raw_text: '/start'
sender_id: 1184501782
text: '/start'
to_id: PeerUser: user_id: 532615927

List of commands:
• ping
• stringify

Do /help to learn more about it.

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