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Export sticker to PNG, or multiple stickers/sticker sets to a zip of PNG/JPG.

What can do this bot?Send me individual stickers and/or sticker set links, I will download them, convert and resize them to JPG/PNG images, then send you the zip of all the files.

This is StickerImage bot. You can:
- send me some stickers and get a zip file of images.
- or send me sticker directly to get PNG image.

Available commands:

- /newpack to start a new image pack
- /finish to get compressed zip file, append 'png' if you want to get png images, blank for jpg. Width can be optionally specified at last (no more than 512, blank for 512).

E.g., '/finish 128' will get jpg images resized at 128px in width, or '/finish png 160' for 160px width png files.

- /cancel to cancel any task in your queue.

- /lang Change the language.

Eg. '/lang' show available languages, '/lang de' change the language to german.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Prepare a new pack of sticker image files
Send a zip of all added sticker images
Say Hello and read help message
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