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Bot for search stickers or publish to channel @TgSticker. /help
Бот для поиска и публикации стикеров

What can do this bot?I'm bot to search stickers or receiving your sticker for publishing it to StickersPack for Telegram - app for Android.
If you want to share your pack with app users, just send me any sticker from your stickers set.
If you searching stickers just send we search text or hashtag.

Short help:
🔎For searching stickers just send me any text.
🙌🏻For publish your stickers just send me your sticker or sticker link if you believe that this stickerpack not publish yet.
/help - for more help

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Search stickers
Feedback/Отзывы/ or request broken link
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