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A bot for Searching, discovering, tagging and sharing stickers. Support:

What can do this bot?Sticker Finder allows you to search your favorite stickers and discover new ones (just like @gif).
You can easily add your own sticker sets and search existing ones (over 1800 sets).

It features:
- custom tagging by users
- multi-language tags
- nsfw filter
- sticker set addition by users or from group chat
- search by tags
- search by emoji
- search by sticker set name/title
- image text detection and search by detected text
- fuzzy search in case you have a typo


Sticker search:
just type @stfi_bot kermit anywhere. You can search by pack name, tags, emoji and sometimes even text inside the sticker.

Sticker pack search:
Just add "set" or "pack" to your search e.g. @stfi_bot kermit set.

If you want non-English sticker packs, use /international to enable other languages than English.

For tagging sticker packs just send me a sticker from the pack.

Explicit content:
If you want nsfw or furry stuff, include those words in your search.

For a more detailed explanation (especially if you want to tag) check out the /help :)
If you still have questions, stop by my support group.

The whole project is for free, open-source on Github and I'm paying for the server from my own money.
I really appreciate any help I can get!
Find me on Patreon and Paypal. For more info just press /donations.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Display help
Tag the last sticker posted in this chat
Get a random sticker for tagging. Thanks for doing this :)!
The bot sends you a random sticker set.
Skip the current sticker
Report something regarding the sticker set of the last sticker in the chat.
Cancel all current actions.
Only english sticker sets and tags
Get sticker sets from all all languages.
Inline Bot

Call this bot by typing its @username and a query in the text input field in any chat.

Search for stickers. Add 'set' to search sticker sets.
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