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What can do this bot?⚽️🏀Bot for managing sport games with your friends! 🎾🏐
Add bot to your Telegram group, where you gather for match and you will be able to:
✅ Create games with exact date and time
✅ Check in guests who are not in group
✅ Bot counts participants automatically
✅ Bot can divide participants into teams
✅ At any moment you can see the list of teams and participants
✅ Choose best player of the game 📝Feedback—
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Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Commands list
Create game
Stop game
Participate in a game
Cancel participation in a game
Add guest to the list
Delete guest from the list
View game info and list of participants
Divide participants into teams
View teams lists
Vote for the best player of the game
Change language
Change game status
Change game description
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