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SpaceHunt is a chat-based multiplayer adventure similar to Ogame and StarCraft: build a base and go on missions.

What can do this bot?SpaceHunt is a chat-based multiplayer adventure similar to Ogame and StarCraft where you build your base and send starships on missions, attacking and defending other players.

Good day Commander NewUser!

286 years ago we boarded our Spaceshuttle and set route to πŸŒ• Planet ChazwatsBril at coordinates 2795x1942 with excellent habitable conditions: good temperature, stable and breathable atmosphere and rich in resources.

During landing we lost control and we πŸ’₯ crashed, the Spaceshuttle was irrecoverable. You've been unconscious so far, we thought you wouldn't make it...

We've disassembled the Spaceshuttle to reuse materials for building our new home. Our crew has already set up a 🌞 Solar Panel and a πŸ”‹ Battery.

We need to start developing further soon, we are not alone!

From now on, we are at your orders.

(Check out the /help command and read the Beginner's Guide to get started)

πŸ›° SpaceHunt πŸ›°

πŸ“• Game Wiki
Detailed documentation on the SpaceHunt game.

πŸ“— Beginner's Guide
Guide to get you started quickly.

πŸ˜€ Game Chat
Chat with other players, send feedback and get help.

πŸ’₯ Battle Simulator
Simulate raids to see possible outcomes.

πŸ“£ Official Announcements
Get notified of important game updates.

πŸ“° Reddit Forum
Subreddit for SpaceHunt and weekly rankings.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Overview on your planet
Lists your buildings and their jobs
Lists your active missions
Map of all discovered planets
Lists your units and their status
List of all SpaceHunt Bosses
Send a message to a player by its username
Mute a player by its username
Unmute a player by its username
Show all muted players
Game guide and chat channel
See latest events
Global game statistics
Ranking of the best players
Change your username
Change your user description
List of Guilds
Guild general info
See all Raids and Transfers from your Guild
Send a message to all members of your Guild
Leave your guild
Dissolve your guild (must be King)
Donate to the SpaceHunt game
Advanced Scan
Automatic Scan
Launch HyperSpeed
Build Crystal Mine
Build Battery
Build Deathstar
Build Engineering Bay
Build Gauss Cannon
Build Hangar
Build Heavy Laser
Build Ion Cannon
Build Light Laser
Build Metal Mine
Build Plasma Turret
Build Radar
Build Solar Panel
Build Starport
Build Technology Center
Build Trade Beacon
Build Warehouse
Build Small Planetary Shield
Build Large Planetary Shield
Build Bomber
Build Destroyer
Build Large Cargo Ship
Build Liberator
Build Observer
Build Scout
Build Small Cargo Ship
Build Wraith
Build Massive Cargo Ship
Build Piercing Missile
Engage Gauss Cannon
Engage Heavy Laser
Engage Ion Cannon
Engage Light Laser
Engage Plasma Turret
Extend planet
Manual Scan
Publish trade
Repair and Upgrade Units
Repair Buildings
Research Integrity
Research Production
Research Shields
Research Technology
Research Thrusters
Research Weapons
Gather sunlight
Mine crystal
Mine metal
Deconstruct Battlecruiser
Deconstruct Guardian
Deconstruct Bomber
Deconstruct Deathstar
Deconstruct Destroyer
Deconstruct Large Cargo Ship
Deconstruct Liberator
Deconstruct Observer
Deconstruct Scout
Deconstruct Small Cargo Ship
Deconstruct Wraith
Cancel Advanced Scan
Cancel Automatic Scan
Cancel Crystal Mine
Cancel Battery
Cancel Deathstar
Cancel Engineering Bay
Cancel Gauss Cannon
Cancel Hangar
Cancel Heavy Laser
Cancel Ion Cannon
Cancel Light Laser
Cancel Metal Mine
Cancel Plasma Turret
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