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? Create your own slowed+reverb and speed up+reverb remixes! ? Feedback: @SayoSupportBot

What can do this bot?? Want to change the speed and atmosphere of your favorite songs? Then you'll love this bot!

? It can create slowed+reverb and speed up+reverb remixes from any tracks.

? Simply tell it the effect you want and send an audio file. The bot will quickly process your request and return a ready-made remix.

? Discover new facets of music and share your remixes with others. This bot will help you broaden your musical horizons.

? Hi, ⁨Info⁩! I'm a bot for creating slowed+reverb remixes. To get a remix, please send an audio file.

⚙️ You can adjust the speed and reverb settings using the /settings command.

? If you have any questions or issues, please contact the developer.

? If you'd like to support the developer, we would appreciate any donation - here.

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