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This is the SL Enlightened Farming Bot, which will help you set up a farming session.

What can do this bot?This is the SL ENL Farming Bot created by @RamdeshLota. Commands:
/createfarm LOCATION DATE TIME - Creates a new farm.
/addmetofarm - Adds you to the current farm.
/addfarmer USERNAME - Adds the given username to the farm.
/setfarmlocation LOCATION - Sets the location for the current farm.
/setfarmtime DATE TIME - Sets the date and time for the current farm.(e.g. "Today 6pm")
/deletefarm - Deletes the current farm.
/help - Display this help text.

This is not a group. Please add me to a group. to set up your farming session. Your chat id is 601366096

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Display details of the current farm
Add yourself to the current farm
Let others know that you have arrived at the current farm and upgraded
Get location of current farm
Remove yourself from the current farm
Delete the current farm
Display information about this bot
Share this bot
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