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Fork of @BanhammerMarie_bot with extra features and memes. Join @SkittBotAnnouncements for news on new features.

What can do this bot?Fork of @BanhammerMarie_bot with extra features and memes courtesy of @deletescape.

Join @SkittBotAnnouncements for news on new features

Hi Bot Info Bot, my name is THONKBot.gif! I'm a group manager bot maintained by this wonderful person.
I'm built in python3, using the python-telegram-bot library, and am fully opensource - you can find what makes me tick here! and the original source here!

You can find the list of available commands with /help.

If you're enjoying using me, and/or would like to help me survive in the wild, hit /donate to help fund/upgrade my VPS!

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

/addblacklist Add a trigger to the blacklist.
set a warning filter on a certain keyword.
list of admins in the chat.
/afk mark yourself as AFK.
/ban bans a user. (via handle, or reply)
View the current blacklisted words.
/cleanwelcome Delete the previous welcome message.
/clear clear note with this name
clear the rules for this chat.
deletes the message you replied to
/demote demotes the user replied to.
/filter add a filter to this chat.
list all active filters in this chat.
/get get the note with this notename
/getpaste Get the content of a paste from Dogbin
same usage and args as /welcome.
get the current group id. Gets a user's id if replying to a message.
/info get information about a user.
gets invitelink.
/kang kang an image into a stickerpack (reply)
/kick kicks a user, (via handle, or reply)
/lock lock items of a certain type (not available in private)
the current list of locks in this chat.
a list of possible locktypes
quick summary of how markdown works in telegram.
you seen spongebob?
/mute silences a user. Can also be used as a reply.
list all saved notes in this chat
/nowarn stop a warning filter
/paste Create a paste or a shortened url using Dogbin
/pastestats Get stats of a paste or shortened url from Dogbin
silently pins the message replied to.
/promote promotes the user replied to.
/purge deletes all the messages since the replied message.
reset to the default goodbye message.
/resetwarn reset the warnings for a user.
reset to the default welcome message.
/rmblacklist Remove triggers from the blacklist.
/rmjoin delete the *user* joined the group message.
get the rules for this chat.
reply a random string from an array of replies.
/save saves notedata as a note.
/setgoodbye set a custom goodbye message.
/setrules set the rules for this chat.
/setwelcome set a custom welcome message.
/stop stop that filter.
/tban bans a user for x time.
/time gives the local time at the given place.
/tmute mutes a user for x time.
/unban unbans a user. (via handle, or reply)
/unlock unlock items of a certain type.
/unmute unmutes a user. Can also be used as a reply.
unpins the currently pinned message.
unset the log channel.
/warn warn a user. Can also be used as a reply.
/warnlimit set the warning limit
list of all current warning filters
/warns get a user's number and reason of warnings.
/welcome enable/disable welcome messages.
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