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Generates Passwords and passphrases. Join group to meet everyone ❤️

What can do this bot?This bot will help you generate really strong passwords ? or Passphrases. It can also serve you as simple notes keeping bot.

Join group to meet everyone ❤️

/start : to see the welcome message.
/gen : to generate a 32 chatacter length password.
/gen num : to generate a num character length password.


/gen 8
/gen 10
/gen 16
/gen 64

🔑 passwords generated using /gen command are very strong 💪 but are not easy to remember. You should have some amount of guts to remember such passwords.

it's better if you use a pass phrase if you want to remember. A pass phrase is a kind of password which is a combination of several `n` different words like as shown bellow.

pass-phrase: absentee afternoon plus repackage long

/phrase : to generate 8 words length pass-phrase
/phrase num : to generate a pass phrase with num words


/phrase 4
/phrase 8
/phrase 12
/phrase 20


/save: to save any notes or passwords

note: all the saved notes are encrypted and no one without a valid decryption key can read the notes. keys are unique to each user. read more about it on my github page. try /dev


/save I need to meet a friend @12:30 pm today!
/save My amazon pass is AmAsOnPaSz

/get: to retrive or get all saved notes


/stat: to see you statistics
/gstat: to see global statistics

/dev: to see info about this bot's developer

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

To see the welcome message
To see available command and usages
To generate strong and random passwords
To generate strong and random passphrases
To save a note
To get or retrieve all notes saved
To see the number of generations by you account
To see the number of total generations done till now
To see info about the developer
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