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Bot Owner :- @HEROGAMERS1

Hello New User, my name is ༒SĦƗƵᵾꝀȺ༒! if you have any questions about how to use me please give me /help...

im a group manager bot maintained by this person.

My future updates will be put into This Channel - @UPSTOCKWORLD & My Support Group @Eaglehacker.

This is my Deploy Code,
you can create clone same like me..

For more commands click /help...

Keep in mind that any changes you DO do to the source have to be on github, as per the license.

Hello! my name ༒SĦƗƵᵾꝀȺ༒.

Main available commands:
- /start: Start the bot...
- /help: help....
- /donate: To find out more about donating!
- /settings:
- in PM: To find out what SETTINGS you have set....
- in a group:

All of the following commands / or ! can be used...

And the following:

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