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The bot uses Libgenesis to search and download books from libgen.
Source code:

What can do this bot?Book downloader from libgen. Uses

Hello! My name is Bookdl Bot πŸ“š
I can help you download books try typing in inline mode

Hello! I'm BookdlBot.
Original bot SamfunBookdlBot
Source Bookdlbot

Here are the commands you can use:
/start : Start the bot.
/help: Show this helpful message

You can also download books by sending the link if you have a book link from the following sites,, or

Or you can send the book's md5 like so

Conversion to PDF from other ebook types is done using ConvertAPI

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Start a chat with the bot
Show a helpful message
Inline Bot

Call this bot by typing its @username and a query in the text input field in any chat.

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