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Hello! I'm @RRemindersBot and i'm here to remind you

My skills include:

/remind to set new reminders
/myreminders to show your current reminders
/delete to delete a reminder

Before setting a new reminder it is recommended that
you click /setmytime so reminders work as expected.
You can then check with /mytime if it shows your current time

I also have a quick reminder shortcut:
/q something, 20
that will let you set a reminder of something in 20 minutes in just one message

If you have any feedback you can send it via /feedback

I don't get you 🧐.. write /start to see what are my skills

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Set a new reminder
Show active reminders
Delete reminder
Send feedback to the dev (bug, issues, bitcoins)
Set a quick reminder in oneline
Set your current time
Check that your current time is OK
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