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This is Rock Paper Scissors bot where you can play with others and win some BCH crypto!

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Hello and welcome to Rock-Paper-Scissors Online!

Here you can play Rock-Paper-Scissors with others as well as win some crypto currency. Rules are simple: rock beat scissors, scissors beat paper and paper beat rock. In case of two players choose the same item winner will be picked by random. If you didn't make a move it will be made automatically by random pick of rock, paper or scissors. Also there is special prize distribution: the game is lost for you only if you're lost in the very first round any other outcome is at least non-loss. For example, if you lose on the second round you get your money back, if you lose on the third round you get x2 of ticket price, if you lose on the fourth round you get x3 of ticket price and so on. The final winner get a special prize - all the non raffled money.

Don't forget to set up your wallet address otherwise your money remain in the bank until somebody else win it!

Commands you can use:

/buyticket - buy a ticket
/reset - discard a payment request
/subscribe - subscribe onto the bot notifications
/unsubscribe - unsubscribe from the bot notifications
/status - current status of the game e.g. schedule, ticket price, etc.
/help - this message
/rock - make a move with rock
/paper - make a move with paper
/scissors - make a move with scissors
/leaderboard - show the leaderboard

This bot doesn't take any of your money so the entire bank pays out to players except Bitcoin Cash fees.

To support this bot you can donate some coins to 17tsEkUCHAFWXjJAs8qEYGpYUSEuR2gcEo ☺

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