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🤖 Robomiz, the professional assistant bot for admins💥

❤️ Manage diffrent!

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What can do this bot?🤖 The professional toolkit for channel administrators💥

❤️ Good is not enough, try to be the best!
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1- Comment section!
2- Inline Buttons!
3- Schedule posting!
4- Media Attaching!
5- Watermarking!
6- etc ...
✅ All in one bot!

🤖🌐 [BOT] : @RobomizBot " en "
📞 [SUPPORT] : @Robomiz_Support

‏Bot Info Bot Dear!
Welcome to Robomiz bot.

🔶 Via this bot you can:

🔸 Create post with comment section! Help

🔸 Create your favorite arrangement of inline buttons (like, link and share)! Help

🔸 Schedule posts and add self-destruction timers Help

🔸 Simply watermark photos. Help

🔸 Attach photo and etc to the text messages Help

🔸 Clean the texts smartly just by one touch!

🔸 Define default signatures and auto insert at the end of the messages! Help

🔸 Post to the channel Directly without any quoting by the bot!!

🔸 Hide a link and display its preview at the end of the text messages! Help

🔸 Check membership of users in your channel Help

🔸 Support rich formatted text messages such as bold and hyperlink! Help

🔸 Edit the messages sent to the channels even after a very long period of time! Help

🔸 And lots of other facilities all in only one bot!

⭕️ Stay with us ... 😊

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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Inline Bot

Call this bot by typing its @username and a query in the text input field in any chat.

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