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Second installment of Reddbot for telegram, where the V1 is based on the Slack chatroom platform.

What can do this bot?The channel's tip-bot allowing to exchange Reddcoin between user's while utlising it's swift transaction times.

The following commands are at your disposal:
/hi /commands /deposit /tip /rain /donate /hallOfFame /withdraw /balance /mytips /mystakes /price /marketcap /statistics /moon /about /changelog

/tip @TechAdept 100
/tip @CryptoGnasher 100
➡️ send a tip of 100 Ɍeddcoins to our project lead Jay 'TechAdept' Laurence or to our lead dev John Nash
/donate 100
➡️ support Ɍeddcoin team by donating them 100 Ɍeddcoins
/rain 100 24
➡️ tip some ɌeddHeads with Telegram activity in the last 24 hours (amount divided by total active numbers in given timeframe)
/withdraw Ru6sDVdn4MhxXJauQ2GAJP4ozpPpmcDKdc 100
➡️ send 100 Ɍeddcoins to a specific address (in this example: dev fund raising address which is also used for /donate)
➡️ Get a list of all recent sent and received tips
➡️ Get a list of all recent received stakes

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