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Free Simple Help Desk !

What can do this bot?Try out the new kind of assistance way !

First to do is to set up the bot !
Step 1: Add the bot in the group. Set 🛠delete messages permission⛏ for Quick Help Desk bot !
Step 2: And press /verify in that chat group
Hi Welcome to Quick Desk Help Bot!
This bot will help you automatically reply the answer on user base on keyword which you gave us !
Try !
/new key word Quick answer - ✏️In keyword section you can add 1 keyword only ✏️!
Inline support too !
_italic text_
[inline URL](
[inline mention of a user](tg://user?id=123456789)
`inline fixed-width code`

/del keyword - to ❌delete❌ Quick answer of that keyword
/delall - 🗑❌to reset everything🗑
/all - 📒to get full list of keywords📒
Support at @quickdesk

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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