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Bot can magically decode QR images and photos to data and encode data to QR code image.

What can do this bot?Behold! I'm QRwizard, bot who can decode QR images and photos, you will take the data hidden in. Also I can encrypt your information into qrcode image. So lets do it! Muggles, you could rate me here
I'll be grateful for this!

Behold 🙌, I am the QRwizard 🔮
Under my control is transfiguration ✨ qr code to data as well as transformation your information 📋 to qr code. Muggle you have a chance to enjoy my gift💫🌟For /help

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

start work with QRwizard
description of possibilities of QRwizard
decode QR code (only in group chat)
convert some text to QR code (only in group chat)
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