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What can do this bot?Manage different parties of members in your chat:
- create a new party
- update an existing party
- delete information about party (admins only)
- delete all parties in chat (admins only respectively)

Tag created parties with needed members
Show the list of created parties

Hey! I'm a PullPartyBot!

I can manage different parties inside your chat and tag their members whenever you need!

You can start by creating a new party in your chat with /create command
Or try to tag admins with default @admins party

It would be very kind of you to promote me to admin, so I could tag the parties implicitly right in your messages

Type /help for more information

Available commands:

/start - start the conversation and see welcoming message
/help - show this usage guide
/help - show the usage guide of given command
/list - show all the parties of the chat and their members
/list - show the parties and their members according to entries
/clear - delete all parties of the chat

@partyName - tag existing party right in your message (bot has to be an admin)
/party - tag the members of the given parties
/delete - delete the parties you provided

/create - create new party with mentioned users
/change - change an existing party
/add - add new users to the given party
/remove - remove given users from the provided party

/rude - switch RUDE(CAPS LOCK) mode
/feedback - share your ideas and experience with developers

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

awake the bot
show the parties of the chat
tag the members of existing parties
forget the parties as they have never happened
shut down all the parties ever existed
create new party
changing existing party
add people to a party
remove people from a party
switch RUDE(CAPS LOCK) mode
share your ideas and experience with developers
show this usage guide
Share this bot
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