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The Feed Reader Bot monitors RSS feeds (and Twitter accounts), and sends messages when new posts are available.

What can do this bot?The Feed Reader Bot monitors websites and blogs (using RSS feeds), Youtube channels, Instagram and Twitter accounts, and sends messages when new articles or posts are available.
The bot works also in Telegram groups and channels.
You can import your existing RSS subscriptions using OPML files.

Only premium accounts can use this bot. Type /premium to buy a premium account.

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

add a new feed
connect your Twitter account
cancel the current operation
configure the bot to send messages to a channel
configure the bot to send messages to a group
display the help
change the bot's language
list subscribed feeds
monitor website changes (premium only)
rate the bot
remove a feed
search for feeds to subscribe to
configure settings
customize the format of messages (premium only)
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