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What can do this bot?Hi. I am here to help you bet with your friends on the Premier League Chapionship.
To start betting, you should add me to a group with your friends, or you can join the public group if you prefer to bet publicly - @PremierLeagueBets
Once you've add me to a group, just hit the /join command in that group to start the fun.

Hit /help for more info
Having problems?, come to @PremierLeagueBets

Good luck !

Welcome Bot Info Bot
You should create a betting group or join one,
Betting group, is a regular telegram group where you, your friends and me are in it
If you don't have a group to join you are more then welcome to join the @PremierLeagueBets Group

Don't forget to run the /join command once you are in a betting group to start the fun.

push the /help for more info
Having problems?, come to @PremierLeagueBets

Good luck !

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Shows help on all commands
Joins you to a betting group, run this command the first time you enter a betting group
Place a bet on a game
Place a bet on upcoming matches you haven't bet yet
Place a bet on the championship winner
Place a bet on who will be the top scorer
Shows all bets you've placed
Shows the table ranking of the group as Excel file (add -t to show as text message)
Shows the table ranking of the group for the last day results (use -n where n is the number of days to see the daily table for the last n days, e.g. daily -2)
shows my world rank among all users of this bot
Show the current top 20 users in the world
Tells the bot to send the message to the group (disabled in super groups)
Leave a betting group, dont worry you can always join it back
Cancel the current operation
Share this bot
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