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Pixelate any photo, sticker, or picture! Learn more at

What can do this bot?Pixelate any photo, sticker, or picture! Learn more at

Hi! I'm a pixelator bot. Just send me a photo and I can pixelate it for you!

Pictures generated with this bot cannot be used commercially and are only for fun and personal usage.
If you would like to use the Pixelator program offline or learn more, please visit

Hello! The following options are available.

/start - a helpful intro to get you started
/help - this message you're reading right now
/report - a way to send my developer suggestions or bug reports

How to use:
You can simply send or forward me a photo, file, url, or sticker and I'll pixelate it for you!

For example, try this one:

How to report bugs:
Just start your message with /report and I'll make sure my developer gets the info!

For example: "/report this bot is amazing! Thanks for making it"


Why do my transparent images have a white background?
Telegram turns all transparent pixels into white, sadly.

Will you support more options on the Pixelated pictures?
Maybe one day, send any suggestions you have to /report

Can I use these images commercially?
I'm afraid you cant, they're only for fun and personal use.

Where can I learn more?
Please visit

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

get a help intro for PixelatorBot
detailed explanation of the bot
send the developer comments and bugs
Share this bot
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