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Onyx Beta Bot Official Bot: @onyxwerewolfbot Bot News: @onyxwerewolf

What can do this bot?ربات شب مافیا دورهمی با 50 نقش
Werewolf Bot Online By 50 Role

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

[Normal] Create a new game
[Mighty] Create a power game
[easy] Create a simple game
[Vampire] Create a vampire game
[WereWolf] Create a Werewolf game
[loveri] Create a romantic game
[coin] Create a Coin game
[foolish] Create stupid games
Delete the current game
Developer help (payment)
Notify me of new games in the group
(eg: extend 200) Add time to join in the game
Enable boot message sending
List of players in the game
Get roles and how to play
Exit active play
Get your current level and XP
List of groups
Get the robot response time
The status of your game
Get game status on WW
Transfer your game status in WW to WOP
Get the status of robots
Get group ID
Get the current version of the robot
Get general information about the robot
start the game
Get game settings for groups
User exit from the game
account recharge
Onyx shop
Get League Score
Get To Player In Week League
Get Account Config Role
لیست اسپانسر ها
لیست کاربرانی که بیشترین کیل را گرفتند
مدیریت و ارتقا حساب
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