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MyETH bot will monitor your Ethereum cold wallet and notify you in case of any movements of ETH or ERC20 crypto tokens

What can do this bot?MyETH bot monitors your cold wallets and sends instant notifications about all transactions. Contact: @brushknight

To start working with bot press Start and follow the instructions

I will monitor your cold wallets and send instant notifications about all transactions.

The bot will NEVER ask you for PRIVATE KEYS!
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Send me ETH address you want to monitor and the title for this address (optional). For example:

0xd6b0794b7aea7190f1831a40393e599cc0864eb3 Vitalik Buterin

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Add new address to monitor
Show the list of my addresses
Show the menu
Show last synced block
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