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🎯 Personalised feeds, automated messages forwarding among Telegram channels. 🌏

What can do this bot?🔥 MultiFeed Bot will help you to:

- Setup automated messages forwarding among Telegram channels/groups
- Create your own personalised feeds
- Copy-paste content from channels
- Forward/copy only certain message types from channels (filters)

Welcome to MultiFeed Bot! 🔥

- Organise your own thematic feeds on Telegram

- Redirect messages from channels/groups you don't have invitation links for

- Setup redirections from/to Telegram channels/groups/bots/people -- no admin rights in source channels/groups required

🆘 Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
💡 MultiFeed Bot Help: commands and usage examples

❓ Still have questions? @TelespaceSupport

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

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