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This bot allows you to create lotteries, crypt and decrypt messages and earn money and more functions. :D

What can do this bot?This bot allows you to converts currencies, creates short url?, create lotteries?, crypt? and decrypt? messages and more.... In short, many functions. ?

Menu 1:
- ? Shortner Url ★ Pastebin ?
- ? Lottery ★ Search ?
- ? Crypt message ★ Decrypt message ?
- ? Friends and Coins ★ Payouts ? ★ Lastest Payments ?
- ? Donate
- ⭐ Vote

Menu 2:
- ? Crypto Price ★ Crypto Calculator ➕
- ? Wallet Explorer ★ Channel Give ?
- ? Create QRCode ★ Read QRCode ?
- ? -> ? Text to Audio
- ? Redeem Codes ★ Generate Passwords ?
- ? Proxy Check ★ WHOIS ?

Menu 3:
- ? ? Link Run ★ YouTube Ranking ?
- ? Website Screenshot
- NEW!!! ---> ? Phone Info <--- NEW!!!

Bot Commands

A command must always start with the '/' symbol.

Start the bot
View Bitcoin price
View ZCash price
View Dogecoin price
View Litecoin price
View Ethereum price
Search a query on Wikipedia, Youtube and Google
Convert USD to cryptocurrency
Create a sharable pastebin
Create short link
Convert text to voice message
Try to earn points with your luck
Crypt a message
Decrypt a message
Show your friends that you have invited
Create a lottery
Earn free 40 MCoins
Create a game for contest in channels
Check if proxy server is online
View chat/user id
Activate "user messages analyzer mode"
View ranking of your channels
Add your channels to ranked channels
Contact the developers
Inline Bot

Call this bot by typing its @username and a query in the text input field in any chat.

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